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I am leaning into and honoring change in my life. The world has changed. Our lives have changed. How I name and participate in work has changed. Change is always happening and provides the opportunity to shape our individual and collective futures. I feel hopeful about what is possible.

When dreaming about the future, I became clear that I want to live in a way that supports the thriving, peace, & liberation of all. I want to be rooted in honoring humanity, disrupting systems of oppression, and building authentic connections with the world around me. This changed the work I was doing and how I think about work. It has provided me with the spaciousness to decide how best to honor Brahmacharya [right use of energy] as I engage, investigate, disengage, and disrupt systems unaligned with the future I envision. 

Creative Practice

I am a human, having a very human experience. It holds lessons, loss, change, grief, frustration  and sadness.  It also overflows with love, joy, adventure and opportunities to express myself creatively. 

I have always been a maker, expressing that throughout my childhood, as a hairstylist, event planner, and movement teacher.  About six years ago I was invited to lean into this practice when I felt the impact of life, experiences, grief, and change.  My creative practice has been a grounding force and medicine for a life that feels hopeful, gentle, and true alongside the parts of life that are overwhelming, heartbreaking, and unimaginable difficult. 

As I lean more and more into my practice, I have started a project and experiment in centering this practice in my daily life, sharing art in a nontransactional way and as a way to celebrate the beauty and bliss of collective liberation. 

Mindful Coaching

I am here, offering to hold space. For you, for us, for our collective becoming, shedding, and disruption.  

This offering centers contemplative practice in support of your clarity, understanding, and creating.  Connecting one on one, we can curate a container for deeper self study, intentional action and more space to BE.  

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