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celie and Nettie

ANALOG: a love note

An analog collection of original mixed media art,  crafts and jewelry created to celebrate and center the care, beauty, joy, love and liberation of Black beings. Our liberation makes the way for the liberation of all. 

When I reclaim my personal creative practices, and remove them from models of monetization and capitalism, I am calling in the freedom to make art because I feel called to, because there is a story to tell, because there is love to express. 

During a recent trip to a local art book store, the owner shared about sending "ARTmail" to others as a practice when they were a teen.  It opened me to think about how I can share art with others, as a gesture of love and care. 

In 2024, I am creating art and small care packages to send randomly to Black human beings in my ecosystem. This offering is done as proof that connection, creation and care are a part of the liberation we all deserve.  

With a goal of sending 100 love notes to 100 humans, I am always taking donations to support the project.  Donations of supplies [i.e. magazozines, paper, glue] and resources to cover shipping are always appreciated. 

To donate supplies email:

To Donate monetary resources:  

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