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Manifest is back!

manifestcover (1).png

I am excited to share the second edition of my first published book. I created this text originally to support the spaces I was curating to bring yoga to my community.  I am so grateful for the love Manifest: 30 days of Intention Mantras received for the past 4 years. Making it and sharing it with the world taught me a lot about creating, being in community, and trusting my gifts. I did not realize it then and now understand that creating a book and the subsequent workbook deepened my own practice. 

That practice has grounded me in truth. It has held me as I unlearn, sit with discomfort and navigate loss. It has invited me to stay on the path of becoming while remembering I am whole and worthy at every stage. In the past year, I have had the opportunity to sit with this book and I decided to create a second edition. 

I feel grateful and excited to expand the original texts to reflect my own evolution, unlearning, embodiment and expansion.  Revisiting the text was a gift and an invitation for me to honor what I originally created and allow it to grow also. 

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