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Mindful Coaching

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I make the offering to hold space for you to practice self-study, connect to your internal wisdom, and build connections between vision and action. This space is rooted in liberation, centered on our shared humanity, and invites us both to show up authentically. I am available to connect virtually to explore what is possible.   

What is possible?


What informs the space?

Liberation is centered. I am in my own practice of decentering and dismantling systems like capitalism, patriarchy and racism. This informs and shapes my perspectives, visions and personal commitments.


How often do we connect?

I am usually connecting with folks weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. It depends on what we decide is most sustainable, aligned and supportive for the humans involved. 


What do we do together?

First we build connection. I learn more about you and the ways to show up supportively and authentically for you and they life you are building. 


What is the investment?

I work on a sliding scale and donation based model. If you decide to connect we can discuss in depth!

"How much importance do you place on having a catalyst around when you feel stuck? What’s the value you place on personal or professional connection with a guide who holds your best interest at heart? That type of catalyst, connect, and guide is nearly priceless. Yet, Kelley Palmer brings these values and intangibles to her coaching offering where you will experience her full support. She develops and applies a powerful prescription for centering you and your unique healing-growth-thriving. Working with Kelley is a master class in renewal and emergence. You will be transformed in all the positive ways and, most important, you will achieve what you’re wanting.”

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