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Mindful Coaching


Do you feel uncertain about next steps in achieving your goals?

Do you feel overwhelmed with a new goal, transition or life’s unfolding?

Do you desire compassionate and inspiring support?

There are times when we need support to reach our goals, shift our perspective and cultivate new patterns on and off of the mat. My Mindful Coaching  offering is about personalized attention and dedicated time to dig deeply into cultivating space to take the seat of self study and focus on sustainable tools to navigate desires, goals and difficulty.  I lean heavily into a mindful approach to centering joy, peace and love in our lived experience. I am here to encourage, offer perspective, connect you to resources and hold you accountable. I am deeply grateful to work with others in this capacity. I am available in person or virtually to hold this space with you.



What to Expect:

I meet with folks in person and virtually in a one on one setting weekly, bi weekly and quarterly depending on their needs and schedule. Coaching sessions are focused on a mix of self study, goal setting and re-imagining possibilities. All new folks are asked to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can co-create an understanding and establish how I can be of service to you.

What do others have to say about working with me?

“How much importance do you place on having a catalyst around when you feel stuck? What’s the value you place on personal or professional connection with a guide who holds your best interest at heart? That type of catalyst, connect, and guide is nearly priceless. Yet, Kelley Palmer brings these values and intangibles to her coaching offering where you will experience her full support.

Kelley’s coaching is not like that defined in any book (other than, perhaps her own books…which are phenomenal). She develops and applies a powerful prescription for centering you and your unique healing-growth-thriving. Working with Kelley is a master class in renewal and emergence. You will be transformed in all the positive ways and, most important, you will achieve what you’re wanting.”


- Liz King, Co-Creator, BrilliantBeyond60  MSc, CIC, CLYT


“3 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Kelley and to this day she remains someone I deeply appreciate and admire. As a trans person of color who is a business owner I’ve  experienced so many doors closing and folks hoarding their information. Yet Kelley has always graciously extended so much support and knowledge with no expectations. It only made sense for me to utilize her one on one business coaching. She has played such an integral role in the growth of Decolonizing Fitness for simply believing in me enough to encourage the expansion. I thoroughly enjoy our coaching sessions because she incorporates important elements of yoga practice to ensure that I remain grounded and in alignment with my purpose. She is compassionate, humble, intelligent, and so helpful! I highly recommend her services.”

 - Ilya Parker, Founder of Decolonizing Fitness


“They say once you see it you don’t have to be it and Kelley’s methodology of inquiring into our fear histories and patterns was so skillful in identifying and bringing to awareness the unconscious obstacles to really fleshing out and putting into concrete action the building blocks of making my known but in many ways hazy and unshaped dreams a living reality. Kelley is such a joy of a facilitator to cultivating ones vision and growth, and the community aspect of the workshop — collectively exploring our passions and tangles — really sealed the deal of it being how I envision creation is intended… Separately but indivisibly together. I regularly call on the energy we created together to support me in whatever next kinda scary but thrilling step into the life I’m consciously cultivating for myself now more than ever thanks to her inspiration.”

 - Jill Coyne, Owner Queen City Rolfing

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