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Wholeness Is Mine

A 5-month container to explore and investigate the idea of living into our wholeness despite outward pressure to compartmentalize, disconnect, numb, overextend, and deplete ourselves. 

BEGINS July 1, 2024


This is an invitation into a thinking and feeling space where will have the opportunity to authentically investigate and cultivate practices that explore wholeness as a liberatory practice. 

This self-led and community-connected offering happens virtually with the space to dig deeply into contemplative practices in ways that feel accessible and sustainable to you. 

The space of wholeness is the space that allows us to honor the fullness of who we are, and what we deserve and envision our steps towards collective liberation. 

What can I expect?

This offering is completely virtual and self led.  The work you do, is for you and accessible beyond the 5 month container window. It includes: 

  • monthly opening circle 

  • monthly closing circle 

  • weekly contemplative practices, resources for continued study and embodiment exercises

  • access to Discord chat

  • Affinity spaces to create containers of care

What is my investment?

The main investment is your time and energy. I am offering this work without a price.  I believe access to contemplative practices should come without barriers. I also trust folks who can sustainably support this work with financial donations toward my effort and energy will do so. 

  • To access the space a registration application is required.  It takes about 5 minutes to complete. 

  • You can financially support this container by donating directly to me via Cashapp or Venmo. 

  • You can donate even if you are not going to register. 

  • If you want to donate another way email:

Who is this for?

This space is open to everyone. And it may not be for everyone. In the past I have led racial equity education spaces. THIS IS NOT THAT.  This container is informed by my connection to the care and liberation of all. Some things to consider before registering: 

  • I center the care of people of the Global Majority and this offering was created from that place.

  • Opening and closing circles & discord channels will be offered with identity-centered affinity spaces to provide spaces that intends to minimize harm, increase agency, and provide safety.

  • This work can be tender, activating, and disorienting.

  • This offering asks for your authenticity, commitment, and ability to show up for yourself.



Twice a month I will offer a virtual circle. These willl be times to practice our tools, share in facilitated spaces and be held as a connected community. 

  • Circles happen on the first and last Monday evening of each month at 730pm EST and last for 60 minutes. 

  • Virtual spaces will not be recorded. 

  • The first circle happens Monday, July 1.

  • Attendance is not required to register.

If you have questions, concerns, or needs related to this offering, please email:

What will we explore?

July: Understanding the Story of Me

  • Exploring the stories we are holding about ourselves. 

  • Investigating the things in place that keep us from showing up as our full selves

  • Reimagining what it means to cultivate and honor wholeness for ourselves in all spaces

October: Living Into Change

  • Exploring the stories we are holding about change and our capacity to navigate it

  • Building patterns for caring for ourselves and others in the face of change 

  • Reimagining change, failure, and mistakes as the lessons and data that bring us closer to liberation

August: Redefining Resources

  • Exploring the stories we are holding about resources and what it means to be resourced

  • Evaluating the resources that fall outside of imperial/colonial value systems

  • Reimagining how we can access resources and how we can resources one another

November: Rest As A Practice

  • Exploring the stories and patterns we have connected to rest and our ability to access 

  • Investigating the practices and boundaries needed to honor and value rest as a part of collective liberation

  • Reimagining how we think about work, working and the balance of our human needs for rest, connection, and energetic nourishment

September:  Centering Joy

  • Exploring the stories we hold about joy and our ability to access it 

  • Investigating our relationship to rest 

  • Reimagining how we center and cultivate joy, rest, and ease moment by moment

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