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Passionate About Collective Liberation

I am in a practice of releasing the story I hold abut working and its connection to our collective value.  I am releasing the need to name "the work I do"... I am instead following my heart. I  am continuing to center service and community. I am saying yes to my own liberation. I no to playing small or hiding who I am.  I am a Black, Queer Woman leaning into healing, wholeness and liberation. I am inviting you to join me. 

My work shows up in different ways. I am in a practice of welcoming new and expansive ways to uphold the things I value. I began to hold space for others to see and accept all of themselves in 2006 we I began a career as a natural hairstylist. In 2010, I co-founded a community space that looked a lot like a salon from the outside. We did hair AND we held space for community. It was in that space I was first pulled into the practice of yoga and mindfulness. In 2018, I retired from being a stylist and closed my salon to focus full time on the service of making wellness spaces equitable, accessible, sustainable and safe for BIPoC. When I took that step I did not see the entire path. In honesty, I am still on the path with this work. In 2023, I am stepping away from the work I was doing as a Race & Equity consultant, teacher and trainer. I AM NOT stepping away from making healing spaces more available to underrepresented and underestimated communities. 


I proud to continuing serving inside of The Sanctuary In The City, a Charlotte based non-profit that focuses on equitable healing spaces for BIPOC all over the world.


I have begun a new project, it is asking me to lean in deeply around imagining a new way of being.  It is something that I have been working on for three years now. I am happy to finally be sharing it in the world. 

At my heart I am a creative being. I love to cook plant based food & make with my hands. Part of my creative process is writing. I am grateful to say I have two published books available and a new book coming to life in my mind and on my laptop. I am also a collage artisit. That is a new title that I am embracing and sharing with the world. I am grateful for all the support my creative work has received over the years. I look forward to the creativity inside of me unfurling into the world around me. 

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